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Tokyo Picnic Club (TPC) was founded in 2002 to celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of picnic, which became popular by the activities of "Pic-Nic Club" founded in London, March 1802. TPC members are over 80 people from various fields like the architect, urban designer, landscape designer, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, food coordinator, editor, curator etc.. They are to dedicate their talents of creativity for re-defining the activities of picnic in the modern context of urban circumstance of Tokyo, from developing food menu of sandwiches and tea flavors, to renovating the park management systems and its landscape qualities. To criticize the narrowness of public spaces and their exclusive management, TPC is claiming the "Picnic Right", as the basic human right for the urban dwellers of Tokyo.
[Annual Activities]

2002: What is a Picnic?
2003: Picnic Right
2004: Think Your Own Picnic
2005: Fight For The Picnic
2006: Try A Picnic Talk

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